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Who we are

The Sananda International Yoga Teachers Association


A.I.P.Y.S. was founded on the basis of our many years of international experience that showed us the need to establish standards when training Yoga teachers, not only from the point of view of practice, but especially in how one instructs, teaches and directs yoga classes.


Professional Criteria


A.I.P.Y.S. clearly established professional standards to follow in terms of teaching and course content. Also A.I.P.Y.S. is responsible for granting diplomas.


Yoga Teacher Training Courses


Courses for Yoga Teachers are run by ‘Yoga Center Madrid’ and ‘Sananda Yoga’, both of whom adhere to AIPYS standards.


Granting Yoga Certificates


A.I.P.Y.S. awards certificates and diplomas for different styles of Yoga, while maintaining the criteria of the international community of Yoga. Our certificates and diplomas are issued exclusively by AIPYS ensuring the quality and authenticity of the training.


Continuing Education




We constantly review and update our training course. We thus maintain a demanding, rigorous and comprehensive training that involves the continuous updating of qualifications to the new curriculum requirements. Thus if it has been five or more years since one obtained the title of Yoga Instructor, one would be required to take the new Instructors course before being eligible to enrol in the Yoga Teacher Training course.


Auditing a Course


In addition to our regulated courses for obtaining Diplomas we offer our students the opportunity to “refresh” their training by auditing our courses. Students who choose this method will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and attend all classes without being required to take any examinations. Once completing the course, you will obtain a certificate of assistance and not be required to renew your diploma.


Our Training Courses


According to published federal state regulations, our courses adhere to all the stipulated training requirements and units of competency set by the federal authorities for this level of recognized qualification.

Our Locations


Our centers have the space, facilities and equipment required by federal standards for Yoga training schools.